Automation and Engineering Services:
  • Full in-house capabilities from concept and design though installation and service
  • Custom nesting and fixturing
  • Specializing in plastic part handling and assembly applications
  • De-gating and finishing systems

Automation Equipment

Ameritech Automation Systems offers a variety of different automation equipment. Here are just a few:

Pick and Place Equipment

Whether it is removing a part from a die, or transferring a work piece to a brush machine for finishing. Ameritech has the knowhow to complete this transfer in consistent and timely manner.

De-Gating Equipment

With Ameritech’s extensive knowledge of plastics and mold design we are able to create machines to accurately remove gating as an added value to your operations.

Assembly Equipment

One of the most challenging, but fulfilling operations is assembly. Every component of a single assembly must come together correctly the first time, every time. These design intensive automation applications can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the assembly. Ameritech can bring your assemblies together, whether they are small or large, complex or remedial.

Preparation Equipment

Preparation equipment is used to ready parts for painting, coating, labeling, stamping, or final assembly. These processes could include chemical treatment, cleaning, sanding, machining and other various task. Automating the preparation work ensures consistency in the finished product.

Nesting and Fixturing

Nesting and Fixturing apparatuses can be used to hold parts in place while machining, welding, cleaning, or for use in Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). Ameritech can fabricate both Nesting and Fixturing based on your needs. We guarantee our fixtures to hold your work piece securely and accurately every time.

Services Include:
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Programming
  • Installation
  • Support

Now Is The Time!

With all of these advantages that are consistently being delivered by the use of automation there is no better time than now to use the services Ameritech has to offer. Please contact us for more information.